"The Archipelago has established that we will no longer use raiding to flourish, we will no longer act as savages, we will no longer fear and attack each other. We will rise through this age of stone, and enter an age of civilization. To mark this moment of achievement, we introduce The Tribal Economy."
The Tribal Economy is an economic system adopted by high level tribes in order to enforce trade, and keep peace and unity against raiders. The economic system uses rare and exotic items over bartering to keep a set price on things. Currently, Silver and Gold are recognized as the only currency. Gold is set at a price of two Adurite and will deal with high level equipment, while Silver is used for lower tier trading. It is unclear on whether Gold will remain as the high tier currency, as it could turn into mid-tier, once ores like Magnatite are added in. Silver will remain as the low tier currency.

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