What are the gods?

The gods are essentially just stones with faces on them that have different colored eyes and different colored stone. Each one is different, from the red "Hateful God" at the volcano and the blue "Miserable God" under the Snowy Sky Island.


Hateful God (Red) Volcano

Miserable God (Blue) Under the Ice Sky Island

Old God (Gray) Under the Ancient Tree Island

Wealthy God (Yellow) Very deep underground

Lonely God (Transparent) On Petrified Tree Island

What they drop:

Hateful God: 12 Raw Adurite and 11 Essence

Miserable God: 12 Bluefruit, 11 Essence, and 3 crystal chunks

Old God: 32 Essence

Wealthy god: 12 Raw Gold 11 Essence

Lonely God: Literally just Raw Meat and Bloodfruit, and not that many of it either.

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