Description Edit

Gold is a plentiful resource which can be found almost anywhere in The Archipelago.

Usage Edit

Raw Gold can be used to make a Golden Radio, Crystallic Items and can also be melted into Gold Bars that can be turned into Golden Coins with the help of a Coin Press.

How to obtain it Edit

There are three different methods of obtaining gold.

Gold Nodes Edit

Gold Nodes are located all around the map, both above and below ground. They are even located on the Floating Islands.

In the Snow Biome, Gold Nodes are capsuled in Ice Chunks.

Gold Nodes yield 3 pieces of Raw Gold when destroyed.

Gold Shellies Edit

Gold Shellies are located on certain Grass Biome islands and yield 1 piece of Raw Gold when destroyed.

Golden Bantos Edit

Golden Bantos can be found on top of the Feather Tree Island which is located near the center of the map.

They only spawn one at a time and yield 6 pieces of Raw Gold and 6 Gold Coins when killed.

[Gods|Wealthy God]

The Wealthy God also drops 12 Raw gold and 12 essence


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