Description Edit

The Floating Island is an island in the sky near the center of the map. It has a waterfall pouring down from it and a large hole in the center. An Old God resides in the pond where the waterfall flows from.

Reaching the island Edit

reaching the island The only known ways to reach the top is by building a ladder up the waterfall using buildings, such as chests or walls. Fish Traps are the most commonly used item in making the ladder. Another alternative is exploiting the game to enable your character the ability to fly.

(correction: another way to get up is the sky rope that spawns on the opposite side of the island from the waterfall, you need a tower to get up there)

Use Edit

The Floating Island can be used as a base and allows tribes to get essence, crystal chunks and gold, which makes the Floating Island a useful base because of the resources that can be found there.Attacking a Floating Island base is not recommended due to the advantage the enemy tribe has.The enemy tribe can use ranged weapons and can destroy the ladder making it almost impossible to access the base.