Summary Edit

Essence is a small, yellow, glowing ball that will give 5 XP upon harvesting.

Guide Edit

There are currently 4 ways to get Essence.

  1. Kill Old Gods.

Old Gods are found in the Volcanic Spirit Cave, the Ancient Cave and on the Floating Island.

2. Chop down Sun Trees.

Sun Trees are found in the island that you first see when you enter the red portal in the Volcanic Spirit Cave.

3. Chop down Feather Bushes.

Feather Bushes are found on top of the Floating Island, which drops a ball of Essence upon destruction. It is similar to the Sun Trees.

4. Kill Giants

Kill the Frozen Giant which is trapped inside an iceberg inside the Ice Biome..

5. Shelby

Killing Shelby will drop the Essence, as it also spawns 4 Giant Shellys.