Emerald, also known as the best ore/material you can get in Booga Booga. Added to the game on 12th May 2018. It is green colored and also the biggest ore in the game. You need to be at least level 90 to craft anything made of emeralds. Emeralds are better than magnetite but the emerald bag is not better than the God bag. The Crystal stick was known for the best weapon in the game but then the Emerald Blade took over.


You can get emeralds from chests, only because the winter cave is gone.

You can also find shipwrecks. Shipwrecks spawn on beaches and when they spawn there is an announcement throughout the server. If you break the shipwrecks then you get emeralds as well. There will also be a chest for you to enjoy.


A few hours, rumored to said to spawn a few minutes after the god respawns and also said to be respawn in 3 hours. Both statements aren't yet confirmed.

Emerald GearsEdit

Including :





5. Pick

6 Axe

7 back pack

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