Rarest Ore In All Of Booga BoogaEdit

Pink Diamond, known as the best ore in the game passing void shards and emerald. Now, only can be found in the Shelby that gives 6 Pink Diamonds if you kill it correctly will give you the amount. Shelby the only known item to give you Pink Diamond is found on the ice island where Sheldon spawns (small green shelly). You need Steel pic and + to break the shelly also you need to be on lvl 91 to craft Pink Diamond Items. 2nd most rarest Item is void shards. Void shards are only found in the void by making the portal. They are only found in void ants that bites a lot so you have to have a crystal stick or powerful with good armour. The ants spawns regular in different places and only drops out 1 Void shard you need to be at the maximum level 100 to craft vou=id armours. Emerald, emerald is found at shipwrecks and Sheldon. The shipwrecks spawn around the map but mostly around Island and Sky Island (floating Island) and drops about 4-8 emeralds need to break with a stone pic+. Another place to find emerald is the Sheldon shelly, found at the ice Island where his best friend lays Shelly (Big Purple Shelly) that's lays about 6 emerald and can be killed with a crystal pic or +. Need to be level 90 to craft emerald armour. Magnetite the 4 most rarest item in the game that can only be found in the magnetite meteor or threw the void gate. You need to have crystal pic or greater to break any magnetite. You need to be on lvl 70 to craft any magnetite items. Crystal chunks is the 5th rarest items and can be found in crystal meteors or crystal island to get to crystal island you need a spirit key by killing the crystal guardian. After that you can get crystal from crystal noid. You need to have a crystal pic or higher to get these items and need s to be a maxium f lvl 50 to cradt crystal armour. The list keeps going down. Thanks bye
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