Gods are statue-like entities that are spread across the map of Booga Booga. When you break them, they drop lots of essence, which is used to level up. They also drop other items that vary from god to god.

Locations Edit

Miserable God

The Miserable God is the first god most players encounter. It is located on the first floating island, looking into the sky. This god gives the least amount of essence out of all of the gods, as it is the easiest to find. It also drops Bluefruit.

Hateful God

The Hateful God spawns in the secret underground tunnel located below the island beside the volcano. It gives out a moderate amount of essence, and Adurite.

Wealthy God

The Wealthy God spawns in the ice biome, near Shelby and Sheldon. It gives out a lot of essence when killed, as well as some raw gold.

Lonely God

The Lonely God spawns on the third floating island. It is transparent and can be walked through. When it breaks, it drops essence, bloodfruit and raw meat.

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