Would it be cool to have the gods as bosses?

When you play Booga the only enemy if practically the ants or just other people whom want to kill you.


The Gods of booga are all scattered. The miserable god at the ice cave at the ice islands, the Hateful god at the audrite volcano, the old god at the water cavern, the lonely god at crystal island, and the wealthy god at the ant caves. What happens if the gods were bosses. I don't think Soybeen should make them Op because then no one would fight them. Plus, with new Op armor and mojo coming Booga should have more enemies. The Hateful god can be like a fire or a regular boss. Maybe the lonely god drops a lot of crystals or items who knows. Plus, this could be another way players can receive items or tools and not just by the market or begging.


In "current day" Booga the only enemies are the players in the game, the ants, and the only boss is the queen ant. There would be two bosses if Soybeen kept the caveman giant, but he didn't. Plus, I think it would be more a thrill and for those players like myself that like to play with others, trade with others, and raid strong tribes with others then you could do that for bosses and it would make it more exciting. Plus, with Soybeen coming up with stuff like Mojo where you can get powerful pets and rare items and with him adding new armor that could be Op it think it's proper or just cool to have bosses.


Once again this is just my opinion and I'm not forcing you to give m mag or believe me or anything. I would like to know what you think should happen in booga next or if we should add bosses or just keep the ones we have or just have no bosses at all! So please tell me your opinions like I did with mine.

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