The God Bag Edit

Everyone who plays Booga probably know what the god bag is. The bag that is believed to hold infinite storage and glows a bright yellow. I'm StixxH2O and I have a god bag of my own (Not for sale) and I hold tons of things.


In current day Booga the god bag only holds 3,000 storage space instead of being infinite. This means it's possible to fill one up in modern day Booga , however, you can still hold a crap ton of things. You cannot craft the god bag anymore, but you can buy it of the market, but it is really expensive. I got my first god bag for 4,000 coins and a few mag and crystals, but after a month a hacker took mine and I had to rely on my mag bag (This was before the emerald update). I got my next one by beating my friend Mars in a duel and this was when we both had full emerald armor and tools (Blades too).


The god bag is now not drop able so you cant sell it on market anymore


When the god bag was craft able, you would have to be level 1,000 which some people accomplished, but not others. Back then in order to craft it you needed 500 raw gold, 30 spirit keys ,and 3 crystal BAGS. Which at that time I could have done because I had more than 200 crystals, tons of sprit keys, and I farm gold a lot, but I wasn't level 1000 and neither were any of my group members.


To be honest, the God bag is Op period. No excuses it's OP. With it I hold 3,000 emeralds and almost that same amount for mag. I have like thousands of bloodfruit and crystals, mag, emeralds, and iron and other stuff. I buried my own friends in leaves that were kept in that bag. Once again, the bag holds 3,000 storage instead of infinite, but people still continue to get one.


The god bag is a mojo item.It costs 1 mojo point which can be obtained by rebirthing