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The Land Booga Booga is clouded with animals. There are many species, with most of them being passive and a few known aggressive animals. All animals drop items, which range from Adurite to Stone, Meat to fish, except for Spirit Shellies, Lost Souls and Forgetten Souls.

The animals in game are:

Image Animal Where to Find Drops HP
Shelly Raw Morsel and a ore with it's color, for example, If the shell is red like Adurite, it will drop Raw Adurite. hp is different depending on what the shell is made out of. the stone one's hp is 10
Giant Shelly Iron shelly(s), Adurite Shelly, Stone Shellys, Stone 90
Dancing shelly 999999999
Ice Mammoth meat,ice and hide
Sand Mammoth hide and meat
Mammoth hide and lots of meat
Peeper Raw Meat, and sometimes Peeper Popsicles
Shark (Lurky Boi) 4 fish meat
Beach Shark (Beached Boi 2 Fish Meat
goldy shark (goldy boi) anywhere in the ocean 4 fish meat 9 raw gold
Spirit Shelly Gives lots of exp
Lost Souls 40 needs confirmation Gives lots of exp
Bantae 1 Raw Meat And 1 Raw Morsel
Banto 1 Hide And 2 Raw Meats
Lil Banto 1 Raw Meat
Ice Banto 1 Hide And 2 Raw Meats
Lil Ice Banto 1 Raw Meat
Rentae 2 raw meat and 1 raw morsel
Rento Fire Hide/hide And 2 Raw Meat
Forgotten Soul Gives exp
Barbarian 1 Stick, 1 Log, 1 Raw Meat, and 1 Hide
Golden Banto 6 Raw Gold, 6 Coins
Giant. (Boss) 1 Spirit Key, 5 Raw Meat, and 4 Hide 500
Crystal Guardian (Boss) 1 Spirit Key, 2 Crystal Chunks 1200
Dancing shelly

Dancing shelly

Beached boi

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