Description Edit

Adurite is a rare ore with a dark red color and has the same texture and shape as raw iron.

Usage Edit

Raw Adurite, which is the type of Adurite you find in the wild, is not in itself very useful. However, if you smelt Raw Adurite with a campfire you will end up with an Adurite Bar which can be used to craft various items. This includes Adurite Pickaxe, Adurite Axe, Adurite Hammer, Adurite Helmet, Adurite Chest Plate and Adurite Greaves. The Adurite Hammer is the second best weapon in the game, following the crystal club. (There is no magnetite weapon)

How to obtain it Edit

There are three different ways to obtain adurite in the wild. ( Also, you can find a high level player and ask them for it. If you are lucky, they will drop some if they are nice.)

Giant Shellies Edit

Giant shellies, which are located in the middle of the Ice Biome and the grass biome will leave you with a bunch of different types of smaller Shellies when destroyed. The Ice biome Giant Shelly is shown below, but the grass biome one looks like a giant stone shelly.

Four are Iron, but One of those small Shellies is guaranteed be an Adurite Shelly. When an Adurite Shelly is destroyed it yields one piece of Raw Morsel and one piece of Raw Adurite.

Adurite Node Edit

The Adurite Node yields 3 pieces of Raw Adurite when destroyed and is located in the Adurite Node Cave cave which is located on an island with large mountains. The cave entrance is blocked by a Big Rock.

Adurite Rich Rock Edit

Adurite Rich Rocks yield 3 pieces of stone and 1 piece of Raw Adurite when destroyed. They are found in the Volcanic Spirit Dungeon which is located below the Volcanic Islands. The Dungeon entrance is hidden underwater at the cove of the smaller Volcanic Island. There are 3 lost souls in the cave, which are not hostile anymore because of an update Soybeen did. These souls respawn every minute and are stay frozen until you kill them.

Adurite Chest Edit

It contains adurite.

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